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Company profile

Specialist in Exhibition for 20 years:

Liso Group is the leading exhibition provider of the industry service chain. By way of remarkable innovation during the past 20 years, Liso has become one of leading companies in China and throughout the Asian-Pacific region. As always, Liso Group adheres to the principle of specialization, internalization, and marketization as its development direction and to help grow customers’ brands. Liso uses continuous exploration and innovation in order to help improve the customer’s brand reputation and the project’s impact. Liso always keeps the customer’s demands in mind, then co-operates and innovates with their customers to be the best player in the exhibition service industry.

Striving for Perfection Around the World

Liso Group is centered in Shanghai with different exhibition design service centers in Munich, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Beijing. Over 2,000 customers are served every year, and constructed exhibit area exceeds 150 thousand square meters. This marks the steady pace in growth as a result of Liso’s decision to partake in joint operations and multinational development that is based in Shanghai.

Qualification and Certification

1) The first in its group of exhibit companies that passed ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification
2) Top 30 in recommended design enterprises in Chinese exhibition industry
3) Top 10 Most Influential Enterprises in Chinese exhibit industry
4) Top 10 Outstanding Enterprises in Chinese exhibition industry
5) Permitted Zero complaint benchmark enterprise in Chinese exhibition industry by Shanghai Municipal Construction Project
6) The first exhibition enterprise supported by China Federation of Industry and Commerce

Liso Group benefits from China’s reform and opening-up the development background of Chinese exhibition industry. By developing and advancing itself through many years of constant effort, Liso has won praise from relevant institutions, industry and customers. It is the first exhibition enterprise which is supported by the China Federation of Industry and Commerce.

———————————————————————— 1996 年创立

—————————— 拥有全球超过 230000 平方英尺工厂

—————————————————— 政府扶持,主办 7 个大型展会

  • Leading Industry Standards
    > 20 years of industry experience > 1280 service team > 16300 well-known brands’ choice
  • Top Design, Strategy First.
    279 designers from well-known global design agencies, 83 creative designers from well-known global 4A companies.
  • One-stop service
    We are not only the leading supplier of special equipment design and construction, but also the leader of high-end Exhibition Conference organizers! Customer First,
  • Quality First.
    Service is not only a smile and commitments, it should make the brand more valuable and make you different!
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