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In order to further implement the "State Council opinions on further promoting the reform and development of the exhibition industry" (Guo Fa 2015 No. 15), "the exhibition industry statistical monitoring report system" (business service trade letter 2016 No. 944) and other relevant documents, to strengthen the monitoring and early warning analysis of exhibition industry enterprises, summarizing and refining and the successful experience in the promotion of key enterprises, to provide support for the government decision-making, industrial restructuring, enterprise development, industry layout, the Third Party Auditor experts in our department organization, follow the principles of openness and fairness review selection, combined with the integrity of the enterprise, to determine the 335 enterprises as the first batch of the Ministry of commerce exhibition industry key enterprises. The exhibition organization unit 182, 114 exhibition venues, exhibition service unit 39. Now the list will be publicized.
Publicity period is 5 working days from now. During the public notice, please contact with my department if you have objection to the relevant list.
Yuan Haiying 010-65197039
Zhang Zhe 010-58360113
Ministry of Commerce Trade in services and trade services
November 13, 2017

List of key enterprises in the first exhibition industry